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Specialist Electrical Services

We can assist you with the following specialist electrical services:

Power Quality Investigations

Power quality data being analysed to resolve a power problem for a client - this could save thousands of dollars

We identify if your power quality problems are coming from within your premise, the electrical network or caused by your sensitive electrical appliances and equipment. Once we investigate, we will provide you with a report listing the cause of and solutions for problems.

Thermal Imaging

You may need to have your electrical equipment checked using a thermal camera to help ensure that:

  • Connections are not loose and burning upA "hot" electrical connection found by thermal imaging - this will help prevent a blackout
  • Motor bearings are not seizing
  • Cables and transformers are not overloaded
  • Fires do not start
  • Blackouts are minimised or prevented to prevent disruptions to your business.
Some insurance companies are now requiring a thermal inspection  as part of the annual renewal process. More information is provided in our flyer.

Electrical Incident Investigations

We investigate electrical incidents including those where people or animals receive an electric shock or are electrocuted. A detailed report is provided that will include recommendations to prevent similar incidents occurring.

Chris has an uncanny knack of helping to resolve matters over the phone and his farming background coupled with his electrical qualifications and experience gives him a thorough understanding of issues associated with animal electric shock.

High Voltage Audits

We can assist you with your high voltage installation to help ensure it complies with relevant requirements, for example:A high voltage audit being carried out to ensure safety and compliance

  • identifying and making recommendations where compliance gaps exist
  • assisting in the development of
    • High Voltage Safety Installation Management Plans
    • Electrical Policy and Procedure Development
    • High Voltage Safety Management
    • Bushfire Management Plans
    • Network Management Plans
    • Operating and Maintenance Procedures
    • Authorisation Processes and Procedures

Electrical Safety Inspections

Are you concerned about employee safety, overload, potential fires, tingles or electric shock? You may need us to carry out an:

  • Electrical safety inspections and testing of electrical equipment and wiring
  • Thermal inspections (as mentioned above)
  • Check of testing and tagging.

Electrical Policy and Procedure Development

We can help you develop policies and procedures related to:

  • power quality strategy
  • electrical operational and maintenance safety
  • electricity safety rules and procedures
  • electrical incident investigations
  • etc.

Instrumentation Issues

Do your test instruments meet the Australian safety standard for instruments?

  • We advise on selection, category rating, calibration and safe use of test instruments.


You may be concerned that your structures/buildings, electrical/ electronic equipment and more importantly, people are not adequately protected.

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