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Energy Management - Reduce your Electricity Bill

Our impartial advice means that our recommendations are in your best interests as we are not linked to any electricity retailers or solar energy installers.

Our energy audits yield excellent rates of return for you (also see our brochure).

This is how we do it:
  • We analyse your power bill - checking for errors and making sure you’re on the best deal and tariff.
  • We can conduct a thorough energy audit of your premise to find cost effective ways to reduce you bill
  • An energy logger can be installed to measure energy usage - checking metering is working correctly, if solar electricity is a good investment and if equipment is being damaged by poor power quality.
  • Electrical switchboards may also be checked using a thermal camera – reducing the chance of fire and blackouts and can help in reducing insurance costs.
  • Checking electrical safety including testing and tagging is important to help prevent electric shock incidents and ensuring legal compliance.
  • A report is prepared and you can start saving your hard earned money right away!

An energy audit being perform to reduce a power billOur analysis and recommendations saved many electricity users lots of money. The following is but just a sample:

  • A small council saved $6000/yr on a $23,000 annual electricity power bill.
  • One small primary school saved $9,000/bill due to a retailer's backroom multiplication error. We recouped almost $30,000.
  • A domestic customer saved $1,200/year on a relatively small account.
  • A large Victorian business saved $20,000/month and recouped over $600,000 in overcharging.
Call today and use our experts to get your power bill under control!

Also, check out our flyer that will help you save money around the home.

N.B. We are independent and not linked to any electricity retailer or solar installers and do not receive commissions.

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