Electrical Apprentice Aptitude Tests

Complete the following to purchase our Electrical Apprentice Aptitude Tests and then hit the "Buy Now" button. You will then receive an email with a link to the tests for your participants. Each participant will need to log in using their name and email address and complete their tests. It will take them about one hour to complete all three tests.

You will receive a summary of the results of all participants in a csv file after all tests are completed. The results will be ranked in order of the best total score to the worst.

Please contact us if you do not end up using all the tests and we can send the summary results to you.

Pricing Brackets
1-5 candidates:
6-10 candidates:
11-20 candidates:
>21 candidates:
$50.00 (GST inc)/candidate.
$40.00 (GST inc)/candidate.
$35.00 (GST inc)/candidate.
$30.00 (GST inc)/candidate.